There Is Always More Work To Be Done.

This is our mission.

What it means

BASiC: Bringing Art and Social Change into Collaboration.

Our Mission Statement

The BASiC Theatre Project is a New York City-based theatre company dedicated to making art that is a catalyst for social change.

In More Detail

The Project takes contemporary social issues, hot-button topics, headlines that catch our eyes, and attaches them to a piece of theatre with the goal of de-mystifying the world around us through the creation of performance ever-present. BASiC re-examines existing pieces of theatre young and old, fosters new works and young writers who are taking on our generation's joys and struggles, and devises projects from non-traditional source material to generate an artistic arsenal that leaves audiences creating new and ever-evolving discourses about the world around them and striving to be the change they wish to see.