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Tennessee Williams' SUMMER & SMOKE

by Tennessee Williams

May 18-31, 2015 @ The ACCESS Theater

The BASiC Theatre Project presents a reimagined revival of Williams' American classic, SUMMER & SMOKE. Two souls spend their lives orbiting one another, trying desperately to break down the other's notions of love, only to learn that heartbreak is most often out of your control. Electricity. Animalism. SUMMER & SMOKE. Click for Tickets

the grind. or how we became posthuman.

by Zi Alikhan

November 14, 2014 @ CAP21

We live in a world where it's possible to unlock your phone, swipe somebody right on Tinder, and be completely naked with them in ten minutes flat without exchanging a single spoken word. Drawing from a 19th-century German text, NYC dating blogs, magazine articles, and academic material on cyborg theory, THE GRIND sets out to ask: has technology really f---ed us over?

REMOUNT// Gross Indecency: the three trials of oscar wilde

By Moises Kaufman      BUY TICKETS

May 31 - June 16, 2013 @ The Dorothy Strelsin Theatre - Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex

One year after BASiC's first innovative production of Moises Kaufman's GROSS INDECENCY: the three trials of oscar wilde, the production is being remounted as a part of GayfestNYC 2013.

The Mistakes Madeline Made

by Elizabeth Meriwether

January 16-20, 2013 @ The Theatre at the 14th Street Y

Edna just graduated from college. Her paychecks come from a five-year-old. Her brother died in Iraq. She needs to bring him back to life.

'The Mistakes Madeline Made' is a darkly comedic look into figuring out the next step once you've graduated from college with a 'piece of paper' degree, all while being surrounded by the beast that is New York City. But more than that, it is a play about loss and mending as part of a generation that has grown up entirely in the presence of war. Edna's plan of attack? No more bathing.

Gross Indecency: the Three Trials of Oscar Wilde

by Moises Kaufman

July 25-28, 2012 @ The Theatre at CAP21